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Crisis in America’s own back yard
By Gillian Tett
11180_7_6_2015_1.gifThere is never a perfect time to announce you are virtually bankrupt. For Puerto Rico, however, last week was a better moment than most. On previous Sunday, the island’s government released a long-planned economic report written by Anne Krueger, a former World Bank chief economist, which declared that the territory was in fiscal crisis. As governor Alejandro García Padilla put it, the island’s $72bn debts are now “not payable”. ....

Lessons from unsuccessful bailout
By Ihtasham ul Haque
11184_7_6_2015_1.gifThe latest Greek tragedy is amply proving that growth and austerity must go hand in hand to avoid perpetual crisis situation in developing countries like Pakistan. ....

‘You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’
By Zeeshan Haider
11185_7_6_2015_1.gifThere can’t be any better way of explaining the state of ties between the present government and the International Monetary Fund than the famous idiom ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.” ....

Cooking the books (Part I)
By Nadeem Ahmed
11186_7_6_2015_1.gifIt is commonly believed that the Pakistani economy has immense potential that has not been systematically tapped by successive governments and policy makers. ....

Set priorities right
By Shah Faisal Afridi
11187_7_6_2015_1.gifChina is a huge economy that is gaining importance in Global Economic scenario. Pakistan is fortunately geographically attached to China, thus, by taking advantage of China’s modern technology and experiences, we may strengthen Pakistan’s economy because nature has bestowed Pakistan with all types of resources in abundance and a friend like China complements the elements of growth. ....

It’s in the style
By Sirajuddin Aziz
11188_7_6_2015_1.gifIn the condemned cell, there were four inmates, waiting to be called to the platforms by the hangman; the first a British, when asked for his last wish, said he would because of his obsession with monarchy, like to see the picture of the Royal family; the second, being French and patriotic said, he would like to listen to his National Anthem, as his last wish; the third, a Japanese asked for a CD to be played on the ‘art of Japanese management’ and finally when the American’s turn to express his last wish arrived, he roared, ‘I wish to be hanged before the Japanese, because I can’t take another torturous lecture on the ‘art of Japanese management.’ The hangman was from Fukoka so the American wasn’t hanged to death’, but was ‘tortured to death’. ....

Costly delays
By Hussain Ahmad Siddiqui
11189_7_6_2015_1.gifAt this crucial time when the on-going electricity crisis and water scarcity has intensified across the country, the nation is sadly reminded of the misplaced priorities of the successive governments that failed to construct another large dam after Tarbela. ....

Losing clout
By Erum Zaidi
11190_7_6_2015_1.gifForeign banks were optimistic about the Pakistani market in mid 2000s. But sluggish economic growth and poor security in the country unlocked a wave of assert selling and mergers and acquisitions. Europe-based Barclays Bank sold its Pakistan business to Habib Bank. HSBC Holdings sold its local units and Citi disposed of its commercial asserts in Pakistan. ....

Against the odds
By Haris Zamir
The continuous support from the International Monetary Fund, World Bank and Asian Development Bank are commendable. It shows that finance minister Ishaq Dar has been making all out efforts to boost the economy and gear up the country to at least a heralding growth of 7 percent per annum. This would not only bolster the sentiments of the international financial institutions but also cut poverty and reduce unemployment. ....

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