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Bond investors braced for Scotland vote impact
By Ralph Atkins in London
8931_9_15_2014_1.gifThe first question asked by global investment strategists landing in London this week has been: what on earth is going on up in Scotland?

A surge in support for independence in polls ahead of next Thursday’s Scottish referendum caught markets unawares. But its relevance was unclear. Were the Scots serious? Was this just parochial, relevant only to the UK and particularly parts north of the River Tweed, or were there wider ramifications? ....

Tranche at risk
By Ihtasham ul Haque
8935_9_15_2014_1.gifThe International Monetary Fund (IMF) may combine the fourth and fifth reviews of the Pakistani economy due to perpetual uncertainty that has started causing serious problems to the country’s $270 billion faltering economy.

If both the reviews are clubbed, the next tranche of $555 million of the $6.5 billion Extended Fund Facility (EFF) bailout package, it is feared, could be delayed for some time to the utter dismay of the government that is already worried about the dwindling foreign exchange reserves now standing at little over $13 billion. ....

Ruining deluge
By Zeeshan Haider
8936_9_15_2014_1.gifMonsoon floods are not a new phenomenon in Pakistan but this year's deluge seem to have come as a surprise for the government which is still struggling to end now month-long political turmoil stirred by Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadri.

Between September 3 and 7, the Himalayan region received heaviest rains in 50 years resulting in heavy floods in Chenab and Jhelum causing vast devastation in Punjab and Kashmir. ....

Displaced economy
By Haris Zamir
8937_9_15_2014_1.gifThe arrival of the monsoon once again finds Pakistan in the grip of floods; with the possibility again in place that millions of dollars will be lost to the economy and thousands of people will be displaced from their respective homes. The actual magnitude of the losses will only be known once the water recedes. But one thing remains certain that the sufferings of individual citizens will be numerous.

The floods come at a time that the nation is confronted by one of its worst political crisis, which too have resulted in tremendous losses. And now the deluge has swept away numerous acres of land of rice, wheat and other small crops. ....

Twin crises
By Ammar Shahbazi
8938_9_15_2014_1.gifHere come the floods. As if the political chaos in Islamabad was not enough. The recent floods, coupled with the strike-like atmosphere in Islamabad, are going to haunt Pakistan’s economy at least for the medium term -- given that the devastation caused by the natural disaster does not spill out of manageable proportions.

The fear is that Pakistan’s dominant textile industry will be hit the hardest as the cotton crop that grows mostly in Punjab will be significantly destroyed by the floods, resulting in lower exports and revenue collections. ....

Unbanked money
By Tariq Ahmed Saeedi
8939_9_15_2014_1.gifMobile operators have dominated the branchless banking landscape in cash-dominated Pakistan's economy as they managed to grip nearly 65 percent of its market share as per the latest data of the State Bank of Pakistan.

“Only 12 percent of individuals in Pakistan are in any formal relationship with a bank, while mobile telecom penetration has reached over 80 percent,” Irfan Qureshi, Head of Product Development, Payment Systems Group at Habib Bank Limited (HBL) said. ....

Port ahoy!
By Mansoor Ahmad
8940_9_15_2014_1.gifAs one of Pakistan’s biggest infrastructural projects - the Gwadar port - nears fully operational status, the government needs to make efforts to establish complementary projects without whom its full benefits may never be realised. The most important among these is the Pakistan China trade corridor that would provide Pakistan access not only to China but to Central Asian States without passing through turbulent Afghanistan.

It should be understood that Gwadar is a deep sea port capable of handling mother ships that carry 5,000 to 15,200 containers. Pakistan had earlier lacked such a port, where bulk cargo ships could anchor. ....

Signup experience
By Sirajuddin Aziz
Having invested more than three decades as an ‘employee’, I have had the good fortune to interview several individuals in a multicultural, multiracial, multilinguistic, multi religious and multi nationality environment, in the various institutes I worked at.

Hiring is perhaps the most critical job of any manager. At the initiation of one’s career, the challenge is to prove to your immediate and other supervisors, your personal excellence in skills and productivity. ....

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