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Technology groups under pressure
By Hannah Kuchler
8814_9_1_2014_1.gifTechnology groups are under pressure to be less pale and male, writes Hannah Kuchler

Jesse Jackson calls it the “we can’t find them” syndrome. The civil rights activist wants Silicon Valley to hire more black people and has little time for the most common excuse: that suitably- qualified African Americans are hard to come by. “They have the best, most resourceful researchers in the whole world. They know where everything is and yet they look in parts of Asia rather than parts of Oakland.” ....

Back in trouble
By Haris Zamir
8818_9_1_2014_1.gifAfter the stock market, the domestic currency became the victim of the ongoing political chaos in the country - which has now entered its third week.

Speculators once again tried to dictate their terms, which led to a sharp depreciation of rupee (almost by four percent). But the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) played its role to rescue the national currency. ....

Islamabad blues
By Ihtasham ul Haque
8819_9_1_2014_1.gifPakistan’s economy continues to suffer heavily due to the latest political crisis; so much so that it is now directly affecting the people - particularly in the shape of rapid price increases. The situation has continued to worsen because of the delay in the transportation of goods from one place to another, which is causing 40 to 60 percent price increase in the daily kitchen items.

The sad part of the inflated prices is said to be the artificial scarcity of items like sugar, edible oil, milk, pulses etc. Thus hoarders and middlemen are thriving at the cost of the poor consumers, while the federal and provincial governments continue to ignore this alarming situation. ....

Tight choice
By Aamir Ashraf
8820_9_1_2014_1.gifPakistan has drafted a set of fresh incentives to assure prospective investors tapping its shale oil and gas reserves of generating higher profits and low investment risk.

Oil and gas officials are likely to table an interim policy for shale oil and gas exploration before the Economic Coordination Committee of the Cabinet, the highest policy making authority in Pakistan, where price incentive will be at the higher side of $11 to $12 million metric British thermal unit. ....

Make’em wait!
By Sirajuddin Aziz
8821_9_1_2014_1.gifMaking people wait is an art of feeling important. Culturally the most common methodology adopted to distinguish oneself as being the ‘most’ important person is to make others wait, for an audience, a meeting or even to make a speech.

No chief guest is supposed to arrive on time- it lowers his or her importance not only in the eyes of the audience but also in their own estimation because of their super-fragile egos. ....

Container economy
By Nadia Naqi
For a long time, Pakistani politicians have been criticized for living a most luxurious life style; one which puts paid to their claims. However, this trend has certainly been interrupted by Imran ‘Tsunami’ Khan and Dr. Tahir ‘Inqilabi’ Qadri. By vowing to spend their entire lives in containers till their demands for revolutionary political change are met, both anti government leaders have certainly contained the container economy!

One can debate whether their attack on the container economy was direct, indirect or just a byproduct of their actions Whatever the case, all three stake holders – PTI, PAT and the PML N government - in this recent political fiasco have put the “the container” in the center of their efforts. ....

Economic Gateway
By Majyd Aziz
8823_9_1_2014_1.gifMunabao-Khokhrapar is not just a destination or the ultimate in liberalization and facilitation of movement of goods, services and people across the Indo-Pak border. It is neither a political issue nor is there a national security concern. The fact of the matter is that the opening up of this corridor has a strong bearing on enhancing the economic and social aspects of the bilateral relationship. Stakeholders, primarily trade and industry, and also the denizens of Southern Pakistan who need to reduce travelling time, are more inclined towards the opening up of this pivotal route. ....

In bad taste
By Zohare Ali Shariff
8824_9_1_2014_1.gifIn recent years, adulteration has reached massive proportions in Pakistan. The products affected include milk, beverages, oil and ghee, spices, flour and other food and beverage products. In many ways now a full time business, those involved in it are least concerned about the severe health risks they are passing on to consumers.

According to the National Food Department, adulterated eatables are commonly being provided to the citizens throughout the country and especially in big cities. A district government study recently found that 90 percent of milk samples were adulterated with large quantities of unhygienic and often untreated water, whereas beverages and fruit juices sold in loose form were also included in the list. ....

Through the roof
By Farid Khan Marwat
8825_9_1_2014_1.gifOwning a house in a big city is becoming a distant dream for even the middle class families, not to mention the lower middle class and those living below that stratum.

The National Institute of Population Studies (PDHS) in its 2012-13 survey states that 39% of households in Pakistan have either one or two rooms, while 21% have three or more.

Not surprisingly, the study notes that overcrowding is leading to the spread of contracting diseases among occupants. ....

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