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Case for early rate rise is now ‘less compelling’
By Kadhim Shubber and Robin Wigglesworth
A top Federal Reserve officialhas damped expectations that the central bank would raise US interest rates next month, highlighting how the turmoil that has spread from China to global markets is rattling policymakers. ....

weaving losses
By Ihtasham ul Haque
11561_8_31_2015_1.gifPakistan’s textile industry, one of the major earners of foreign exchange reserves, is currently in a pretty bad shape, desperately seeking certain immediate official intervention. But nobody in the business friendly government seems to be bothered, which has compelled All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) to go on strike on August 31. ....

A tiring regimen
By Shahnawaz Akhter
11562_8_31_2015_1.gifIdeal taxation is when the authorities send a return form after gathering information and calculating an individual or company’s income and expenditure. It is even more ideal when the recipient of the form cannot deny the data, pays all liability and files the return. Such a perfect situation is still a faraway dream for the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), especially due to the computerised system, with which the board has been stuck for almost two decades. ....

Serve and lead
By Maryam Baqir
11563_8_31_2015_1.gifEnormous case studies have been conducted in the global corporate world, highlighting the need of representation of women on the corporate boards. Most of these studies have been authored by the corporate female stalwarts who advocate increased representation of women in corporate leadership positions. In many of these articles, some emphasis also seems to be made to link the presence of the women on corporate boards with the performance of the relevant companies and their stock market valuations. The conclusion drawn in almost all of these studies is that the presence of women on such corporate boards results in better performance of these companies. ....

Fisherman with many trades
By Jan Khaskheli
11564_8_31_2015_1.gifAli Hassan Mirbahar, who was born and grew up near the Indus, has many tales to tell of his experiences related to the river. He may not be a centenarian, as he says he is, but he’s considered the oldest person in his own village and in nearby ones. ....

Life after retirement
By Sirajuddin Aziz
11565_8_31_2015_1.gifIn my career besides, handling challenges of business, the most difficult job has invariably been in relation to human resources. The challenges range from hiring the right candidate and retaining them, ensuring their integration within the team; handling conflicts between them to taking disciplinary actions. Many would think that ‘firing’ a colleague is the most difficult task. No it is not. ‘firing’ can only get difficult if it is based on bias, prejudice and personal likes and dislike. Firing a co-worker who has disregard to human values or is guilty of violation of principles of integrity, and conduct is the easiest. I have never shirked to take a quick decision, when the reason for sacking has been associated with any of the stated elements of corporate behavior. ....

Sharing economy
By Tariq Ahmed Saeedi
11566_8_31_2015_1.gifPakistan’s transportation sector is facing multiple challenges from capacity constraints to lack of spending. In Karachi, the situation is rather pathetic as the commuters in the country’s biggest city don’t have proper public transport system.

The economic cost of poor infrastructure is significant as this shaves four to five percent off the gross domestic product per year. ....

Still a far cry!
By Zeeshan Haider
11567_8_31_2015_1.gifIf one sifts the newspapers of the past one year, one can find numerous deadlines set by the government for the finalisation of agreement with Qatar for the import of badly needed Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) from the Middle Eastern country to mitigate the energy crisis.


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