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City brokers and loss of ‘soft dollar’
By Sam Fleming and Harriet Agnew,
8532_7_28_2014_1.gifThe City of London’s biggest brokers are contemplating far-reaching changes to their business models ahead of proposed rule changes that could hit profits at smaller brokers and fund managers.

Banks including Morgan Stanley, UBS and JPMorgan are weighing up new methods for charging customers for equity research - including shifting to a subscription model - after the Financial Conduct Authority endorsed European proposals that would stop banks from charging investors for research out of share dealing commissions. ....

Whims of power
By Ihtasham ul Haque
8536_7_28_2014_1.gifThe cumulative bleeding of the economy caused by bad governance has added to the fact that the ruling PML-N and opposition parties remain devoid of any realisation to arrest this situation that is now threatening the very existence of the state of Pakistan.

The old colonial system of governance has started causing serious problems to the much sought after national integration. The ruling party promised to correct the system after the 2013 elections, but they appear to have lost direction; perhaps due to the political expediencies. ....

“Inconsistent policies create uncertainty”
By Erum Zaidi and Salman Siddiqui
8537_7_28_2014_1.gifPakistani economists voiced fears over slowdown in economic growth, poor tax revenues collection, alarming emerging crisis, and fragile security. They are pessimistic that the government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, currently beset with an ailing economy, geopolitical tensions, ongoing war on terror, internal political strife and confronting political rivals, has the capability to turn around the economy. ....

A dying system
By Majyd Aziz
8538_7_28_2014_1.gifTrade unions in private sector in Pakistan, by and large, can be aptly described as in-house unions, pocket unions, or fill-in-the-blanks unions. Radical labour leaders have gradually been eased out and there are more moderate and sensible worker representatives now. These representatives base their future on practical economic solutions by adhering to industrial peace, and utilising negotiation skills and consideration to hammer out agreements rather than resorting to strikes and other anti-labour tactics to achieve their objectives. ....

Demographic dividends
By Zain M Khan
8539_7_28_2014_1.gifA USAID report titled “Can Pakistan reap its demographic dividend?” points out that the country has to educate a huge number of youth in the coming decades. As these numbers expand, the state’s ability to maintain quantity and quality, enabling you to become productive member will diminish.

This is a valid concern because demographic dividend last for only a few decades, after which an increase in the dependency ratio due to low fertility and stable mortality, gives way to fading away of the opportunity to capitalise on the demographic dividends. ....

Lack of women in workforce
By Adeeba Mushtaq
The uneducated women are over the time less likely to decide independently about getting or remaining in paid employment.

The empowerment and sovereignty of women and the improvement of their political, social, economic and health status is vital for achieving sustainable development in any country. ....

Deriving power
By Shahzada Irfan Ahmed
8541_7_28_2014_1.gifPakistan’s industry has been a major victim of the unending energy crisis, causing manufacturing plants to look for alternative solutions. Enterprising manufacturers from all over the country have tried different options including setting up of captive power plants to produce electricity from gas. But this did not serve the purpose as erratic gas supply schedules and its limited supplies rendered these plants ineffective. ....

Get rolling
By M Dawar Ali Khan
8542_7_28_2014_1.gifWhen it comes to stones, precious or otherwise, Pakistan is one of those fortunate countries which have been gifted with both. The mountains in the north of Pakistan with its belt extending to Balochistan have potential reserves therein.

Setting aside the precious stones which everybody may be interested in talking, trading and acquiring, let us talk about the relatively disregarded source of generally unwearable but definitely essential component for building, construction, development, and decor. I mean to say the sandstone, the limestone and above all the marble and granite. ....

Seeding growth
By Javed Mirza
Muhammad Aliuddin Ansari, chief executive officer of Engro Corporation – a conglomerate of seven different businesses, major being fertilizer and food – considers the existing energy crisis, an underperforming agriculture sector and population growth as key opportunity areas for businesses in Pakistan.

On the other hand, unskilled manpower, inconsistent government policies, and poor law and order pose challenges hindering growth in businesses one way or the other. ....

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