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10871_5_22_2015_1.gifCricket has no future in Pakistan
Dear Ed,
People in Pakistan heard the good news of a foreign cricket team finally agreeing to come and play on the Pakistani soil; however, another brutal incident - the terrible killing of Ismaelis - shattered the whole nation. It is likely that Zimbabwe will postpone its tour and the hope for the revival of home cricket will continue to linger. Ed, the problems Pakistan is surrounded by are too confounding. Whenever our country tries to get back on its feet, it is brought down by its enemies. ....

Drop, cover, and hold on when the earth shakes
10872_5_22_2015_1.gifEveryone, everywhere, should learn and practice what to do during an earthquake, whether you are at home, work, school or travelling.

Indoors: Drop, cover, and hold on drop to the floor, take cover under a sturdy desk or table, and hold on to it firmly. Be prepared to move with it until the shaking stops. If you are not near a desk or table, drop to the floor against the interior wall and protect your head and neck with your arms. Avoid exterior walls, windows, hanging objects, mirrors, tall furniture, large appliances, and kitchen cabinets with heavy objects or glass. Do not go outside! ....

The nameless diary
By Maryam Afzal, Illustrations by Amna Qadir
10873_5_22_2015_1.gifEpisode 8
They boarded the eight o’ clock train and reached their destination in two hours. After Thomas checked in at an inn, they began their search for the nameless boy. They asked random people in the village, but got nowhere. Finally, at the village general store, they came across a boy who asked if they had a picture of the kid.

“Nope.” William shook his head. “He lives alone, as his aunt died some years ago. He has a friend named Kevin.” ....

By Waqas Hassan Sharif
10874_5_22_2015_1.gifElectron microscopes close to imaging individual atoms
Cryo-electron microscopes are used for Cryo Electron Microscopy in which samples are studied at very low temperatures. This type of microscopy is popular in the field of structural biology. In this age of high resolution cameras and lenses advances have been made to improve the ability of machines doing Cryo electron microscopy to see the Lilliputian world of atoms and molecules. Researchers at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute in Washington, US have created the highest ever resolution CryoEM image revealing a drug like molecule bound to its protein target at near atomic resolution. ....

New talent on the block: Mashhad Sharyar
By Sameen Amer
10875_5_22_2015_1.gifEveryone who followed the Pakistani music scene in the 2000s probably remembers Mizmaar, the Karachi-based pop rock group that released two albums – Kash (2003) and Sitara (2007) – in the mid-noughties before parting ways. Earlier this year, guitarist Kashan Admani and drummer Alfred D’mello announced Mizmaar’s comeback with a revamped line-up; their new vocalist is Mashhad Sharyar, a young singer who recently joined the group, making his debut on their new single ‘Jee Longa’. Us caught up with Mashhad to find out more about this rising talent. ....

Poetry heals
I often wonder about the fragmentation of life that has taken place in the times we are living in. Nothing is as it should have been! Now, that is a thought which calls for debate. Of course, I have my own, subjective notions of how life should be, but one thing none of us can deny is the brutality with which the human life in today’s world has been divided into pieces. No sense of wholeness remains. No unity of thought and action. No idea of rhyme and its reason. Sheer mayhem. Utter confusion. ....

10877_5_22_2015_1.gifStarring: Ben Whishaw, Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins, Julie Walters, Jim Broadbent, Peter Capaldi, and Nicole Kidman
Director: Paul King
Tagline: A little bear will make a big splash.

Like everyone else, I am familiar with the story of how Michael Bond created the character of Paddington after spotting and purchasing a lonesome teddy bear from a London store. However, I didn’t really know what to expect from the recent Paddington film, simply because the anthropomorphic bear didn’t hold much relevance for me, ....

By Sameen Amer
10878_5_22_2015_1.gifComing Soon

Out this week:

* Albums
Out of the Wasteland by Lifehouse: The pop rock band’s first new release since 2012’s Almería; includes the singles ‘Flight’ and ‘Hurricane’. ....

Should I attend my friend’s wedding?
Dear Guru,
I am a 23-year-old girl. I am a graduate and work at a private organisation. I am engaged and will get married next year. When I was in college I had a friend ‘S’ who was very close to me. We were besties till last year but when she joined an advertising firm, her behaviour started to change. She made new friends and she started avoiding me. Initially, I felt it very badly but then I also got busy and got on with my own life. I did not get to see her in the last four months. ....

10880_5_22_2015_1.gifWhy did the chicken cross the road?

George W. Bush
We don’t really care why the chicken crossed the road. We just want to know if the chicken is on our side of the road or not. The chicken is either with us or it is against us. There is no middle ground here. ....

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