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Dear Ed,
This is my second letter to you. You guys are doing very well.

Ed, why is the ‘Poets’ Corner’ not available online on your website?
Gulrukh Jamshed, Mardan
It is, Gulrukh! ....

Creating a lasting impact
By Sameen Amer
10298_3_6_2015_1.gifIf you are a student, then presentations must surely be an unavoidable part of your life. But impending presentations can often generate dread, and the fear of failure can turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy. So, what is the best way to overcome anxiety? Preparation, of course! Here are some tips that might help you deliver a better presentation:

Know your topic well
Choosing a topic you have significant knowledge of and are passionate about will be the best first step in your presentation preparation. ....

Don’t ridicule students, please!
10299_3_6_2015_1.gifI am a medical student, or rather was; I just took my final exam from one of the leading medical universities in Karachi, Dow University of Health Sciences. Now that I am finally out, I will say a couple of things that I experienced. Although the clinical scene is not bad, the teaching faculty needs to get its act together. Except for four to five doctors who were good teachers, rest were cold, distant and indifferent. They delight in insulting students and ridiculing them. If one is unable to answer a question, they make sarcastic remarks, forgetting conveniently that they hardly bother to do what they are paid for: teaching students. ....

10300_3_6_2015_1.gifOn mathematics...
Mickey Mouse: “Arithmetic is being able to count up to twenty without taking off your shoes.”
Charles Darwin: “A mathematician is a blind man in a dark room looking for a black cat which isn’t there.”
Philippe Schnoebelen: “Algebraic symbols are used when you do not know what you are talking about.”
Paul ....

Research - the way forward
By Sarah Manzar
10301_3_6_2015_1.gifIt is almost every day that we hear of someone leaving the country in pursuit of greener pastures. Most do not return, lost in the struggle to make something of themselves in a new country, acclimatizing with their new environs. We seldom get to hear of their accomplishments.

But there are some extraordinary individuals who manage to shine brighter than others who don’t sever ties with their motherland and are working towards contributing to the progress of their home country. ....

Study in style
10302_3_6_2015_1.gifWhen I first entered the University of Karachi, I observed that most of the female students were clad in either scarf or burqa. It was such a hot day that very soon I was drenched in sweat in my lawn outfit. Therefore, I was astonished to see girls giggling and gossiping in those attires. I remember covering my head assuming it to be the campus’ dress code.

Later on, I realized that most of the girls wear scarves or burqas for three main reasons: ....

10303_3_6_2015_1.gifRussia to build its own space station
The Russian Federal Agency which is also known as Roscosmos is planning to build its own space station by 2024. The move comes in as the current international space station is supposed to end its operation by 2024. Launched in 1998 as a joint venture between American agency NASA and the Russian Roscosmos, the main aim of the International space station was to act as a laboratory in lower earth orbit to be used for exploratory missions to the Moon, Mars and other asteroids. Currently, it is being mainly operated by the US, Canada, Germany, Japan and Russia. ....

Challenges of studying abroad
10304_3_6_2015_1.gifFor years, students from Pakistan have been opting to move abroad in search of better academics and/or job prospects. As soon as students finish their Intermediate/A-level education, the decision time looms over them and they have to make important decisions regarding their future. Some opt to study in Pakistan, which is their first priority. However, some want to go abroad and prefer to settle in Europe, the U.S., and Australia. Certain challenges await them the moment they set foot on foreign soil. The first issue is getting a place to live. Some live in a motel, some share a room, and a handful are fortunate enough to have relatives in a country with whom they can stay until they find their feet. ....


Two students from Texas and one from Texas Tech are all on a death row awaiting execution by electric chair. The first Texas student is strapped and is asked, “Do you have anything you want to say before we throw the switch?”

And he says, “Yes sir, I just want to say I’m an innocent man.” ....

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