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Showtime on the runway
By Nida Ameen
9247_10_25_2014_1.gifAmidst Veetís signature plush pink dťcor and the star power of fashion-savvy celebs, the war of poses ended with a mixed bag of highs and lows on Thursday night at the Veet Miss Super Model grand finale. Fashionably late would perhaps be an understatement for the show that started just minutes before 10pm Ė a good hour and a half after the time mentioned on the invite. ....

From the sexy ĎBillií to pure silly
9248_10_25_2014_1.gifWe recently stumbled upon the music video of Afsheen Hayatís ĎAlsaií which features her sister Mehwish Hayat, whose claim to fame is her hot item song ĎBillií from the movie Na Maloom Afraad. Although the item song was a total hit, her moves unfortunately donít work as well in her sisterís music video. Indeed, ....

Saad Haroon is the Funniest Person in the World... almost!
9249_10_25_2014_1.gifThatís right, folks! While we may already hail all our comic heroes as the best (and Pakistan has produced quite a few), the rest of the world still needs some convincing. Which is why we recommend that everyone, who has woken up bright and early today, do the following first thing in the morning: ....

Ali Zafarís birthday gift to Parineeti Chopra:
9250_10_25_2014_1.gifAli Zafarís Kill Dil co-star Parineeti Chopra may have decided to spend her 26th birthday promoting their upcoming film, shooting for a commercial and looking into other business, but that doesnít mean her new best buddy let her special day go by without a thoughtful gesture on his part. Although Ali is in Lahore these days, he took the time out to send Parineeti a special gift. ....

Does Iqraar cut it for high drama?
9251_10_25_2014_1.gifBarring the fact that itís a little confusing to see Faysal Qureshi (Shahbaz) married to Maheen Rizvi (Shiza) while he is still on air as her patriarchal brother in Bashar Momin, the new play Iqraar has begun with a few points to ponder on. ....

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