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A makeover for the hijab, via Instagramtorial
By Hannah Seligson
8731_8_21_2014_1.gifA few years ago, Ascia Farraj tracked the fashion blogosphere with frustration. As a Muslim woman who wears a head scarf, known as a hijab, she rarely saw someone who looked like her. A fashion enthusiast from a conservative culture, she decided one answer was to create a blog of her own.

Today Ms. Farraj, now 24, has close to 900,000 followers on her Instagram feed, ascia_akf, who watch her model a kaleidoscope of stylish, but modest, outfits from brands such as Diesel and BCBG. (Some of her posts are sponsored by businesses in Kuwait, where she is based.) ....

India’s got designs on Frida Kahlo
8732_8_21_2014_1.gifMexico’s greatest self-portrait artist of the early 20th century, Frida Kahlo has long been an inspiration to the world. The iconic painter has been resurrected numerously through the depictions of many a creative mind and turned into an unexpected fashion muse. From Frida nail art to the floral crown that has become a never-ending trend at Coachella, fashion continues to be influenced by Frida, her life and her style. Deepak Perwani localized the Frida signature with his collection titled Frida Goes to Kharadar last year and now, at Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai, the Mexican artist has been used as muse for emerging fashioner Kristy De Cunha. ....

‘Really cool reason’ for Dukhtar’s delayed release revealed
8733_8_21_2014_1.gifIf you are an avid follower of all things Dukhtar – that is, Afia Nathaniel’s debut feature set in northern Pakistan that follows a mother and daughter as they flee from home to save the latter from child marriage – then you are no doubt curious about the reason behind its deferred release. Initially touted as an Independence Day release, the film’s premiere in Pakistan was pushed to September 18 and fans were promised a ‘really cool reason’ for the delay. ....

Faiza Samee: a fashion victim of Inquilaabis and Insafians
8734_8_21_2014_1.gifAll was hunky dory for Pakistani designers showcasing at Lakme Fashion Week until PTI and PAT leaders, Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadri respectively, took over Islamabad. It seems that these two modern-day revolutionists have not only created problems for the current government and the business community but also for our fashion designers. Out of the four designers showing at LFW, veteran Faiza Samee had to unfortunately opt out at the last minute. Who is to blame? Azaadi March!

“My passport got held up at the High Commission because everything is shut down with protesters taking over the city and hence, I couldn’t make it to India,” revealed a distressed Samee. ....

Fawad Khan impresses Sonam Kapoor with his open-mindedness
8735_8_21_2014_1.gifFawad Khan has won millions of female hearts not just in Pakistan but across the border as well. We’ve heard reports of swarms of swooning girls lining up to catch a glimpse of the heartthrob as he goes on a whirlwind publicity campaign across India to promote his upcoming movie Khoobsurat. It seems like no one is immune to his charm, not even his co-star Sonam Kapoor.

In a recent interview given to the celebrity website, Sonam revealed how the star from Pakistan had surprised her with his liberal attitude and his dedication to his wife. ....

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