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Prevent it before it’s too late
By Sarah B. Haider
9156_10_14_2014_1.gifEvery year, thousands of children become helpless, silent victims of sexual abuse and most of the cases go unreported due the taboo nature of the topic.You! takes a look... ....

Way to ‘glow’
By Sumeha Khalid
9157_10_14_2014_1.gifDo you know what is the best way to pamper yourself? Yes, you guessed it right - a trip to a salon/spa. ....

The simple solution
By Rizwanullah Khan
9158_10_14_2014_1.gifOctober 15th marks the annual Global Handwashing Day. It is aimed at increasing awareness about the importance of handwashing with soap as an effective and affordable way to prevent diseases. You! takes a look...


Fahad Mustafa
By Asif Khan
9159_10_14_2014_1.gifFrom a con man to an insecure husband to angry young man to a mentally impaired man, he can be seen performing a variety of roles with ease on screen but and off screen, Fahad Mustafa is a simple, humble and down to earth person, fully devoted and committed to his profession. ....

A fast-paced entertainment
9160_10_14_2014_1.gifThere was a famous line from an Indian movie; all the audiences want is ‘entertainment, entertainment and entertainment’. ....

The serene getaway
By Marian Sharaf
9161_10_14_2014_1.gifTo eat at a place that’s not only chic but also comfy is a rare find. You! takes a look at the interiors of a trendy restaurant in Islamabad...


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