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The best bet
By Shahzada Irfan Ahmed
9750_12_16_2014_1.gifMaking day care centres mandatory can bring women into mainstream. You! takes a look at an initiative in Punjab that focuses on this and provides financial support as well... ....

Fashion & beauty like never before!
By Moiz Kazmi
9751_12_16_2014_1.gifFashion trends come and go faster than lightning. But have you ever wondered where fashion trends come from? ....

Literary yours!
By Erum Noor Muzaffar
9752_12_16_2014_1.gifThis week You! talks to Soniah Kamal, who has come up with her debut novel recently... ....

Designer touch
By Fatima Niazi
9753_12_16_2014_1.gifWe love to dress up donít we? However, the biggest challenge is to look good yet stand out from the rest. ....

The legacy remains
9754_12_16_2014_1.gifWe all are well aware that Prof. Dr. S.M. Rab was one of the leading physicians of our country. ....

Dear Nadine Khan,
I am a 33-year-old doctor, and have been doing quite well financially for the past six years. ....

With love from Peshawar
9756_12_16_2014_1.gifThis week You! talks to Peshawar-based furniture designer and entrepreneur Nilofar Aziz...


Jack of all trades
By Samina Shaheen
9757_12_16_2014_1.gifRecently, an exhibition that displayed the art work of late artist Ajmal Husain took place in Karachi. You! takes a look...


Hi Ed,
Us has been doing well. I usually enjoy reading stories that are of two pages. When a story is long, I lose my concentration. So, I think your cover stories should not be of more than three pages, and your general articles/stories also should not be of more than two pages. This will not only keep me hooked to the story I am reading, but give you some extra pages for more articles. ....

 Instep Today
Pakistanís answer to Youtube
By Mehreen Hasan
9801_12_22_2014_1.gifThe creatures of comfort and convenience that we are, we want even our leisure customised to our liking. We want to watch what we want, when we want, and of course we donít want any car, cookie, or cosmetics commercials to interrupt our viewing experience. ....

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