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From parents, to children
By Madiha Asif
10039_1_27_2015_1.gifDecember 16, 2014, has indeed marked the pages of Pakistanís history for being the most horrifying scenario of all times. In the last 67 years, ....

You are beautiful
By Sadaf Jabeen
10040_1_27_2015_1.gifThis week ravishing model Saima has unveiled her beauty secrets and regimen to You! readers...


Wonders of coconut oil
By Zarina Patel
10041_1_27_2015_1.gifThis week You! takes a look at how coconut oil can help in keeping your skin and hair moisturized yet beautiful.... ....

The big boss
10042_1_27_2015_1.gifThis week You! talks to Fiza Farhan - one of Pakistanís youngest CEOs...


Walnut squares
10045_1_27_2015_1.gifEvery now and then we need a dessert that is different yet yummy at the same time. ....

Hi Nadine,
My problem is that I am engaged to my cousin who is 11 years older to me. I rejected the proposal but my mom thought that it was the best proposal for me because that guy is good natured. ....

Networking at its betst!
By M. Shirazi
10047_1_27_2015_1.gifOften we hear people talking about women empowerment. But the fact is that very few of us know what actually women empowerment means. ....

The glorious edifice
By Marian Sharaf Joseph
10048_1_27_2015_1.gifThis week You! strolls down the aisles of The Sacred Heart Cathedral to review its awe-inspiring architecture and interior decor... ....

10004_1_23_2015_1.gifUnited we stand, divided we fall
Hey Ed,
It is really saddening to see our beloved country in such a vulnerable situation. Safety has become a thorny issue and no one feels secure.

The so-called sit-ins and protests are just a part of the political gimmicks in pursuit of the Assembly seats. Unfortunately, we as individuals bring each other down. ....

 Instep Today
Mantoís legacy lives on
By Mariam Mushtaq
10049_1_27_2015_1.gifLahore got a taste of Saadat Hassan Mantoís acerbic wit and provocative observations on life in a series of dramatic readings titled Absolute Manto staged at the Alhamra Cultural Complex on Saturday evening. The genteel crowd in the theatre probably didnít expect such an uncensored and explicit display of material, ....

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